Resistant Starch RS2

Resistant starch has become a widely growing topic between a very niche yet, loyal group of health conscious individuals. WEDO Banana Flour is not only the first and Banana Flour company in the US but, it also is one of the few foods containing resistant starch. When you think of or hear the word starch you might think back to your child hood with a piece of Wonder Bread or Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. As time moved on we learned that these “carbs” and starches weren’t the best advocates for our attempts for a better diet. But, Resistant Starch (RS2) is a different kind of starch.

Unlike other starches which are quickly broken down into sugars, in turn raising your blood sugar levels, RS2 passes through your digestive system unaffected by digestive enzymes. Not only does RS2 bypass digestion, it improves insulin sensitivity.  RS2 helps lower the blood sugar and insulin levels, it has shown to increase fat burning significantly. In fact, research done at the University of Colorado shows that consuming ( Better in raw form, i.e. smoothies, water, milk, etc.) can increase you fat burning cells up to 25%!!!

What does this mean for you? Well, there a few types of ways you can get your daily intake of RS2 but, it wasn’t until recently that you could find Banana Flour in the States. WEDO has worked hard to get the healthiest and most consistent Banana Flour in the World. We still continue to do our research on new suppliers, manufacturing methods and more. As time progresses our product and the R&D behind our product will only become better. We encourage you to send us your thoughts, your input on Resistant Starch and any ideas or opinions you have on the subject. Thanks for reading, until next time….


A big thanks to Kelley at the Healing Gourmet for all the wonderful information and insight into this every evolving topic!