Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Zuvii Banana Flour the same as WEDO Banana Flour?

Yes, it is the same product, made of 100% banana flour, but now certified organic!

Why did WEDO Banana Flour change it's name to Zuvii Banana Flour?

We decided to change names to allow us to expand into more product lines. The product is still made up of 100% green bananas (but now organic) and is still under the same ownership.

Does Zuvii Banana flour taste like bananas?

No, Zuvii uses unripe green bananas to make its banana flour and it gets processed before the sugar content develops in the bananas. The raw bananas give the banana flour an earthy, whole-wheat flavor. You’ll have a tough time believing it comes from bananas.

How is Zuvii Banana Flour made?

Making Zuvii Banana Flour is a simple process of peeling, drying and grinding the bananas into flour. There is only one ingredient: Green Bananas.

What color is Zuvii Banana Flour?

It’s a beige/brown, similar to the color of whole wheat flour.

How does Zuvii Banana Flour compare to other gluten free flours?

The high starch content of Zuvii allows you to cook more with less flour. We recommend starting with 30% less. If a recipe calls for 1 cup of flour, you will want to start with 2/3 cup of Zuvii Banana Flour to achieve the same result. Zuvii’s flour is higher in potassium, natural vitamins and minerals. Eating Zuvii Banana Flour products can help improve digestion, bowel movements and much more.

What can you make with Zuvii Banana Flour?

Anything. If recipe calls for flour, Zuvii Banana Flour can be your all-in-one alternative. Zuvii flour brings nutrition, taste and texture to every recipe.  Don’t forget when using Zuvii flour, less is more.  Rule of thumb is to use 30% LESS Banana Flour (Zuvii Banana Flour) than suggested flour.  i.e.  2/3C Zuvii Flour for every 1C suggested flour.

Is Zuvii Banana Flour GMO free?

Yes, Zuvii Banana Flour is GMO free and certified by the Non GMO project.

Is Zuvii Banana Flour Kosher certified?

No, but hopefully one day. The tough part for Zuvii is it sources its banana flour from different suppliers all over the world. In return, all of these facilities would need to be certified for Zuvii Banana Flour to “qualify” as kosher certified. Zuvii is slowly working on this certification…Thank you for your patience. 

What can RS2 do for me?

    • May help prevent colon cancer and promote colon health
    • Help treat and prevent diabetes
    • Promote weight loss
    • Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels
    • Increase absorption of minerals, especially calcium
    • Improves digestion
    • And much more…

Does Zuvii Banana Flour lose its Resistant Starch when cooked?

Resistant Starch is known to “disappear” once it’s cooked above 140 degrees F.  To obtain optimal Resistant Starch content for your diet Zuvii recommends consuming your banana flour raw.  When consuming Zuvii Banana Flour in its raw form (i.e. smoothies, water, milk, etc.) you will retain the highest percentage of RS possible.  However, Zuvii is working with labs to see the full amount of Resistant Starch lost in the cooking process, Zuvii has reason to believe it’s not as high as we’ve been led to believe.

How should I store Zuvii Banana Flour?

You can store Zuvii Banana Flour just like you would any other flour.  If you want to retain a longer shelf life, you can store Zuvii Flour in the fridge or freezer.  However, we recommended if you do store Zuvii Banana Flour in the fridge or freezer you keep it in that environment until you are finished with your banana flour.

Where can I buy Zuvii Banana Flour?

Zuvii Banana Flour is available in over 400 stores across the country.  You can check our store locator on our website to find a store near you.  Don’t have Zuvii in your store…?  Ask your local manager today!  You can always find Zuvii Banana Flour on our website ( or, Amazon, Abe’s Market and other online retail outlets.

My child has problems with digestion, will Zuvii Banana Flour help?

Yes, Zuvii Banana Flour and the resistant starch in it aid proper digestion.  In fact, most of the countries where Zuvii sources its banana flour use banana flour to feed their children by mixing the powder with milk, water and porridge.

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Recently mentioned on the Dr Oz show “Resistant carbs may help ward off serious disease…They may help prevent colon cancer by sweeping the colon and bulking up stools to eliminate toxins from the body. By switching to a mainly plant-based diet rich in resistant carbs, you could help cut your risk of colon cancer by 50%.”