WEDO gluten free
Our Story

The inspiration for WEDO Gluten Free began when Co-Creator David Wintzer traveled to Kenya in 2008 & 2009. While in Kenya, David worked to assist a group of women in granting micro-loans to start up small businesses. One of these businesses was a banana flour factory, WEDO’s original supplier. After returning to the states, David and Todd Francis, his long-time friend and WEDO Co-Creator, experimented with banana flour and personally experienced improvements in their own well-being after introducing this flour into their diets. They knew banana flour could better the health of others, so together they set out on a mission to provide a unique, nutritious flour alternative to the market and to educate consumers about the benefits of banana flour. WEDO is the only banana flour company in the United States. It is a for profit establishment driven by a desire to help others. Not only does WEDO strive to improve the health of its consumers, but the business practices of WEDO reflect an ambition to make a difference in the world. WEDO provides economic opportunities for workers in third world countries by partnering with small-scale farmers across the globe. The WEDO team also recognized that thousands of bananas considered not “suitable” for commercial sale (meaning they have slight blemishes or odd shapes, but otherwise completely acceptable for consumption) were being thrown away. WEDO prevents this unnecessary waste and helps these farmers make a better profit by purchasing approximately a third of their crop, the portion that commercial customers will not buy. WEDO is fully committed to creating a natural food product of the highest quality, giving back, and hopes that banana flour brings some goodness into your life.